Transportation Management Solutions- DHR Engineering

A team with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience is crucial in urban and regional transportation.

 DHR Engineering is committed to delivering transportation management solutions. We collaborate with municipal and state governments to ensure the utilization of every transportation funding resource available.

Our team of engineers and planners excel in their respective fields. Their practical knowledge and understanding, honed through years of experience, including time as municipal employees, provide us with a unique perspective. 

We adapt our solutions to cater to the specific needs of each project:

  • Infrastructure Development includes conventional tasks like creating and maintaining roads and bridges.
  • Community-Enriching Projects: We take charge of trail projects to enhance the community’s quality of life.
  • Transit Projects: Our proficiency in managing more complex tasks such as light rail and streetcar installations.


Our skill set allows us to manage various needs effectively, ensuring the communities we serve receive the highest standard of transportation solutions.

In today’s transportation landscape, understanding the complexities of funding mechanisms is vital. Our team manages and negotiates these funding channels, fostering productive public-private partnerships that stimulate community growth and enrich the urban fabric.

Let DHR Engineering’s expertise in transportation management solutions guide your transformation in your community

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